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The page will explain where you can find the best landlords insurance online and what you need in from a policy to cover your business from liability and damages. You can also compare prices from top rated insurance companies, with the free to use comparison tool provided for you.

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How to find the best landlord contents insurance

You may need contents insurance for your business assets if your contents value exceeds £1000 as most landlord never take a policy for contents cover if the contents are not worth insuring in the first place.

The ideal way for more advice would be to talk to a regulated landlord insurance company who can advise you on contents insurance and what it will cover within your property. Also you know by now, It’s a good idea to use a comparison site like this one to compare the best landlord insurance policies for contents cover.

Contents only insurance can be purchased as a stand-alone policy.

How to find the best landlord buildings insurance

Your building insurance will cover subsidence and any structural damage your property encounters through the years. It should also pay for accidental damages to your building too.

Buildings insurance is priority for any landlord because the building costs money to rebuild if it’s fire or water damaged. The insurance company will pay for a total rebuild and pay for any rent you owe on the mortgage if you have loss of rent insurance.

If you want to find a policy without any bother, use the free quote tool here.

Understanding landlord liability insurance and what it covers

When you take a policy, it usually has a standard amount of public liability insurance included because after all, you do work with the public. The standard amount of liability insurance is £2,000,000 but this can be upgraded depending on your chosen business and what you think your liability cover should be.

Understanding landlord rent guarantee insurance

DSS landlord insurance

Your loss of rent insurance goes hand in hand with your buildings insurance and your whole landlord insurance policy. If the house or flat becomes unoccupied because of fire or flooding, the insurance company will honour your rent.


How to find the best landlord insurance for DSS tenants

When you have tenants that receive housing benefit, finding the best landlord property insurance, which cover this, can be a time consuming task, as some insurance companies do not consider DDS tenants. If you use the comparison system here, you can save time finding a suitable company.

How to find the best landlord home emergency insurance

Emergency assistance insurance for landlords covers costs of emergency repair work. If your boiler breaks down, the company will pay for a corgi gas engineer to fix the problem. If your window gets broken and it’s 1am in the morning, the company will send out an emergency glazier.

The policy will cover a range of different emergencies from the best landlord insurance providers.

How to find the best buy landlord insurance right now!

Best landlord insurance

We are very glad you asked. There is a free comparison tool available for you on our website that takes your information and sends it to the best landlord insurance companies in the UK. When they receive your details, you’ll be phoned on the number you gave them to arrange your policy.

The best landlord protection insurance company with the best price and policy will get your business meaning you can really save time here and the system works really well for UK landlords.

Click here for the best landlord house insurance prices now.

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