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Landlord Insurance For Subletting
Landlord Insurance For Subletting

When your looking for landlord insurance for subletting tenants, help is never far away. You can find out all about subletting and the rules you need to follow right here at UK Landlord

What is subletting?

Subletting is a type of let that allows you or the landlord to rent a spare room out. If you are already the tenant and you have a spare room, this is a good way to spread the cost of the monthly rent with another lodger so to speak.

Am I allowed to sublet a room to another tenant?

Yes you can, it will depend on your current lease and agreement you have with your current landlord. Ask the landlord if you are allowed to sublet before you fill the room and pay for insurance, as will save you time and the hassle involved if the landlord finds out and removes the lodger because they didn’t approve it.

Do I need to ask my landlord for permission?

Yes and no, if you know your landlord personal, and only if you know them very well, like an uncle or your father, it should be fine. Some landlords are very strict about subletting, especially if you live in a penthouse or an up marker property.

Why do I need insurance if my landlord already has cover?

The policy the landlord has will cover them for liabilities and damage to the property. As a subletting tenant, you’ll need to have your own insurance to cover your contents, as in your sofa and other personal items that belong to you.

What will it cost me for subletting insurance?

Your insurance premium will be worked out when you get a quote and contact insurance companies. The cost will depend on the value of your own person property and other items that belong to you in the flat or house.

Top Tips:

1. Make sure you have a lock on your door and ask the landlord if you can do this. This will prevent unauthorised entry to your room and will save you claiming your subletting insurance policy.

subletting insurance tips

2. Also keep items like money and other valuables like watches and other jewellery in a safe to keep them hidden away from prying eyes.

3. Get a key cut and keep it another location, your friends’ house or your parents place. It will come in handy if you lose the key your using and it will save you money replacing the locks, if there are no spare keys.

Can I get a quote from this website?

Yes you can, just fill in the form and you’ll be comparing landlord insurance for subletting tenants without any bother, it works and it’s free to use.


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