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Robert Mcleary - Owner at UKLI

Hello, I'm Robert.

It's good to put a name to a face and I'm just letting you know that we are real business and using our quote tools is very safe.

And the companies behind the quote tools are trust and regulated by the FCA and most importantly, they can help you.

Best Regards
Robert Mcleary
Managing Director

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About UKLI

UKLI and QuoteSearcher can find you landlord insurance in a very smart way, including cover for Professional Lets, Students Flats, Asylum Seekers DSS Tenants, Holiday Home Insurance and other business and personal insurance quotations.

  • UKLI works with QuoteSearcher who deal with UK based landlord insurance specialists and can provide competitive quotations on your landlord insurance.

  • We also cover Blocks of Flats, and Unoccupied Properties and Landlord Emergency Insurance for boilers and emergency repairs.

  • You can find great quotes for one property or multiple properties that you own. No matter what size you're letting business is, we can help you get the right coverage without overspending.

Multiple Properties?

Our quote form allows up to 5 properties but if you have more don't worry because we can still help you. Just fill in the first five and we'll get the rest over the phone.

How Our System Our Works

Our system is wired up to most landlord insurers in the UK to enable you to get fast and affordable policies for all your houses or flats.  Every quote goes through our channel of insurers to match a policy for you.

And it's free of charge to you, landlords.

You can also cover all your letting business under one roof with a block policy you can manage online and over the phone. You can amend things, like adding new properties as your business builds without telephoning to add them.

It really is a time saver too.

Cover Your Business With Confidence

We can cover Public Liability, Employers Liability and Rent Guarantee Insurance for the buy-to-let landlords out there. So let us search the market for you and start your journey to saving up to 35% on a typical landlord policy for standard buildings and contents insurance.
Why Use Us?

  • You are under no obligation to buy any product you see today.
  • If you don't like what you get offered (we're confident you will) you can leave it and go searching else where.
  • 86% of our online visitor take a quote and pay for other policy that day.
  • It's free to use for UK landlords and it works like a treat.

Based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, we have been serving landlord for over 11 years now and more landlords are using us every year to save time and money.

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