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What is Buy-to-Let Insurance?

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We’ll keep this simple, as most of you know what this cover consists of and what it’s used for.

Buy-to-let insurance or landlord insurance is a type cover designed for people that rent out houses as a way of income. This insurance is need by most buy to let landlord because most have mortgages on the properties they rent out.

What Does a Policy Cover?

  • Buildings or brick and mortar cover for subsidence and cracking, external walls.
  • Contents cover for your properties contents.
  • Compensation orders if you have been taken to court.
  • Emergency cover for lost keys, plumbing and electrical problems.

What's Included with a Buy-to-Let Policy?

  • Loss of rent insurance for periods where rent cannot be paid.
  • Accidental damage covers tenants that live at your property.
  • Legal fees if court action is being raised against you.

Can I insure my portfolio of properties under one policy?

Can I Insure all My properties with One Policy?

Yes, most companies allow you to cover all your properties with one policy. However, there are some that request you apply for a policy for each and every property you own.

The comparison tools can help you; take the hassle of shopping around.

Do I Need Landlord Insurance by Law?

No, the law does not require you to have landlord insurance, so you won’t get into trouble for not having it, but them again, will you?

The problems a landlord can run into are just not worth a hassle without insurance. Problems with tenants, boilers breaking down, furniture being wrecked and stuff getting stolen, it’s just not worth it compared to what you pay for it every month.

Can You Find and Setup a Policy Online?

Everyone wants cheaper insurance and landlords are no different. The best way to honestly find cheaper cover would be to use a good broker that works with many insurers.

The reason for this is, broker have computer system already in place. Prices are available in seconds from their computer screen because they invested in this system to save you time.

Take the free quote and get smarter buy to let insurance, click here.

Buy-to-let property owners find a great policy and discount for more than one property.

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