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ompare Campervan Insurance Quotes*

Finding The Best Campervan Insurance?

This is not a straightforward answer. Campervan insurance is required by law if your campervan is on the road. Like all motorized vehicles, it must be tax and insured. It is also worth considering if your campervan is of high value, even if it is not on the road!

Do I need Campervan Insurance If I Don’t Own The Campervan?

If you are going to drive the campervan then the answer is yes. You need to be insured for the time you will be driving the vehicle. You do not need to have a full year cover if you are only going to be driving the vehicle for a short period of time. You can get covered our temporary policy for as little as one day. It is the law that all drivers of the campervan are insured!

My Campervan Is Being Renovated Do I Need Camper Vans Insurance?

If your campervan is in the garage and not be driven then no, you don’t need the cover but you could find that if your vehicle is stolen you could lose a lot of cash. It could be an idea to get conversion cover for the time that your vehicle is being renovated. This way if anything does happen to your campervan, theft or a fire then you will have cover to the value of your campervan.

My Campervan Is For Sale Do I need Camper Vans Insurance?

Yes if you are still driving your campervan then you need to be covered! If anything happens to your camper whilst it is for sale then you stand to lose an asset. Without cover, you will not receive the value of your campervan.

There are certain times when the law does not require you to have the relevant insure, such as when you have your vehicle off the road or if it is not been driven. Though it is not needed by law this does not mean it is the best idea not to have the correct camper vans insurance.

If something happened to your campervan and you are not covered could you afford to replace it? In the current finical climate, not many of us can. Campervans insurance can be paid over a 12 month period making it more affordable. Why not take a quote from our providers and see if it is worthwhile to have camper vans insurance.

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