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✔ One 2 minute form, designed just for landlords
✔ Compare specialized property insurers
✔ One quote for any property or tenant

Compare landlord insurance quotes

✔ One 2 minute form, designed just for landlords
✔ Compare specialized property insurers
✔ One quote for any property or tenant

Compare landlord insurance quotes

landlord insurance comparison

Why Use The Best Landlord Insurance Comparison Site Online?

If you are looking to compare landlord insurance then chances are the numbers of choices and policy variations out there is overwhelming. It is rather a complex thing so you need to know what you are looking for before you even start looking at quotes.

By asking yourself some basic questions before you begin trying to find a policy you can narrow down the things you need to get the best tailored landlord insurance policy to your needs.

Landlord Insurance Comparison Site

What do you want to include in the policy?

First, decide what you are willing to pay for and what you need, i.e. building insurance or just contents insurance. Do you need loss of rent insurance for buy to let landlords?

Or are you looking at insurance for broken boilers and furniture damage or theft? And if it is for small letting business, are you intending to simply offer your tenant a better all round fully protected property?

What else should you consider?

Second, you should figure out if you can afford the policy and is it worth buying. There are many landlord insurance options that allow you feel much safer knowing your mortgage will be covered, and if you need a policy without that option, you will save much more money, for example.

Conversely, if you only want your building covered for fire, subsidence and water damage, you can take a building insurance policy out without the rest of the packages.

Other question you should ask before you take a policy out?

Third, you should decide how important specific additional options are to you. Do you need to have emergency repair insurance? (You could be a handy man and fix it yourself).

  • What about alternative accommodation for your tenants when things go wrong? (Do you think your tenant will pay the rent if they can’t live in property?)
  • Do you need public liability insurance for when your working with the public or employee liability insurance for employees that work with you?

Do you own a van for property maintenance?

Landlords with multiple properties may use vans for property maintenance.

  • Do you need cover for allowing another driver to drive your vans? 
  • Do you need tools and supplies to be insured? 
  • What about thief and fire?

There are many extras that you must consider and look at to ensure that you get the coverage you need.

How can I use this landlord insurance comparison site?

Fourth, compare policies from different landlord insurance companies. Use the free quote tool right here to see how different companies are offering policies for the landlords that cover all your business needs from one property to multiple properties.

By looking at several companies instead of just using one you can easily track down the company who can help you the most, offering the best price for what you need today, that the best bit about this landlord insurance comparison site.

You might also discover that there are certain plans that are not widely compared from site to site. You’ll get a range of top rated companies here that you cannot find anywhere else online.

Landlord insurance

Final thoughts before you compare landlord insurance!

A landlord insurance policy is designed to protect your business and that’s exactly what you can do here today. Granted, you may not been here before, but we can assure you, you’ll get fast and excellent customer service from the specialized UK landlord insurers, that are waiting to help you, after you have sent your details with the quick form, right here.

UK Landlord - The landlord insurance comparison site that get’s results fast!

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