Landlord Insurance for Tenants With Pets*

Landlord Insurance for Tenants With Pets
Cover tenants with pets
Landlord Insurance including Pet Damage

Landlord insurance with included pet damage cover can pay for accidental damage and pet damage to sofas, carpets and other furniture, the policy will also pay for damage to internal doors and fixtures and fittings.

Do you know 46% of the rental market in Britain are pet owners?

Landlords where very reluctant renting their properties to pet lovers, because there was no insurance covers for pet damage until May 2013. Landlords were knocking back tenants with pets, all over the country.

Why should I consider this insurance option?

If you don’t mind dogs and cats, fine, rent the place out, but try and find a long-term tenant that looks after your property and cleans up after their own pets. When they leave the property, you can clean the place up and get rid of the smell of dog or cat for the next tenant moving in.

Landlord Insurance with Pet Damage

Asking for a higher deposit from your tenant?

You can ask for a higher deposit from the tenant to cover cost associated with pet damage. The money should go it to tenancy deposit protection scheme, which was set up by the government. You should write in to your tenancy agreement.

This should cover cost of cleaning your flat after the tenant leaves.

Understanding what’s covered before you take a policy?

Most dogs don’t like being left in a house when you go out for a night out, we’ve heard countless stories about dog ripping apart the sofa, smashing through doors trying to our because their home alone.

How can I prevent damages?

You can make it compulsory for the tenant to put the dog in space room or take it their parent house for the night when their going on a night out or going on holiday (you would do that away).

You seem to have no problems with tenants with pets but they can’t keep wrecking the place because your insurance policy will not pay out every time. 

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