Compare Landlord Insurance for Multiple Properties*

Landlord Insurance for Multiple Properties

Compare landlord insurance for multiple properties and save money with one great policy.

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Discount Landlord Insurance for Multiple Properties...

Insurance for Multiple Properties

Find the information you need regarding landlord insurance for multiple properties with this easy to follow guide.

You’ll also be able to find the perfect quotes and prices to match using the free companion tools available through UKLI.

You can also find out about what you should be looking for and what to avoid when you’re searching for property portfolio insurance solutions.

Let’s fire away…

What options do I have?

When it comes to landlord insurance, you’ll need to figure out what you actually need from your insurance company because there are many add-ons available.

The most popular policy is buildings, liability and contents insurance but there are more polices on offer but can you afford to be without them?

What other add-ons can I choose?

Let’s explain these add-ons in more detail below.

Loss of rent guarantee insurance

If the property you rent out becomes that bad, that no one can live in it, your policy will pay all of a percentage of the rent that’s due, this cover is perfect for buy to let landlords as it covered the mortgage payment.

Home emergency landlord insurance

This is a brilliant policy for landlords because it kind a looks after your let property when your not around. You give a emergency contact number to your tenant and they phone it when something happens, like a boiler not working or a front door that won’t lock.

Compare landlord insurance for multiple properties here.

Accidental and malicious damage cover

Another great add-on or it can be part of your contents insurance policy depending on the insurance company again and their terms and conditions.

This will cover all your furniture, futures and fitting with added secure if they are damaged by the tenant or there accidentally damaged.

Alternative accommodation insurance

When the property is being renovated due to a fire or a flood, the tenant will need another livable house or a flat. Your insurance company will pay for a suitable livable tenancy while the repairs are going ahead.

Do you have multiple commercial properties?

If you have commercial properties, as in factories, small units and office buildings, then you’ll need to talk to an assistant about these properties because there are just to many values they need to go over.

You can talk to an assistant when you fill in your details on this quick form, it only takes a minute to do but it’s worth it.

Can I get multiple discounts!

When you’re a landlord with a portfolio of properties, you certainly will get discounts from your insurer. The discount will depend on the insurance company and the amount of properties you actually own.

The best way to find out is by letting them know right here, click here for the quote form.

How can UK Landlord help today?

Multiple Property Landlords Insurance

From our website, you can find landlord insurance for multiple properties without all the fuss involved with many other websites out there. The form here is so well designed and easy to use, landlords just love it.

Go on, save up to 35% off each policy by comparing landlord insurance for multiple properties from many top insurers, right now.

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