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Guide to Landlords insurance for non-payment of rent for UK Landlords

Landlords heavily rely on landlords insurance for non-payment of rent, find a better prices for it is what matters. At UK Landlord, you can compare landlord’s insurance policies online and get a cracking 35% off your policy when you use this free service.

Is it safe to use?

It’s all good to make a quick comparison, but it this system safe to use and can you trust it? Firstly, we are backed by a fully regulated insurance company, which talks to various insurers that helps you make a better saving online.

They analyze your needs from the policy and are clear about what you expect from the insurance company. Whatever benefit you may derive through lower costs accrued to you through the comparison would only be added benefits to your landlords insurance for non-payment of rent insurer.

So you are perfectly safe and sound as a pound.

There are far many things that many landlords do which helps them keep an eye on their rent from month to month, like the direct debit way so that they can use the banks to get their month on a set day of the month.

Insurers can help you as a landlord and make sure your rent is paid.

Multiple properties

If you were considering insuring multiple properties, then it would be advisable for you to consult the insurance company to do the right thing rather than taking a decision and taking out polices with different companies. 

The logic behind this is that insurance companies will always give you better rates if you take out all your polices with the same one, and thus if the insurer compares landlords insurance for non-payment of rent, you can be assured of a cheaper rate for insurance.

Adding landlord liability insurance

Landlord Insurance for Non-Payment of rent

One major determinant of the policy value is adding public liability insurance. If you even had one case when you leave a gate open and a member of the public falls over it or you’ve broke the rules while doing some garden work, or done any other thing contrary to norms for safety, then chances are bleak, someone could claim your insurance.

When you compare @ UK Landlord, you’ll be able to get the lowest landlords insurance policy. If you are a multiple property owner, you’ll qualify for added benefits. Also, by paying your policy upfront, you can gain of some extra discounts.

Most landlord insurers add public liability to your cover as standard.

Chasing your rent

If you are at the receiving end of a tenant not paying the rent or you can’t rent your properties out because of damages, then your landlords insurance for non-payment of rent policy will pay for the costs of getting your properties back into working order so you can start receiving money from them again.

They can also deal with bad tenants too, as they have ways and means.

Running a business as a landlord

Even then, it’s a bad idea to operate a business without going for landlords insurance for non-payment of rent, because the law can be a pain in the neck for you as you can't just throw tenants out your houses or flats, and if they have a tenancy agreement in place and it lasts for another six months, what do you do?

Believe it or not, the law is on their side and all they have to do is call the police and say that your harassing them and you end up getting charged.

Trust us, you don’t want to go there.

Working with young tenants and students

For youngsters below the age of 25, you need to make sure your rent is sorted and that they can pay for it in the first place. Students are high-risk customers but that’s not to say they are untrustworthy.

Money is always a dodgy subject for students and some of them would run a mile when their rent starts to get out of control. It has been done and it will continue to do so in the future.

In saying that, students are one of the countries most popular and best tenant to work with.

Finding the best landlords insurance for non-payment of rent, right here!

Even if you compare car insurance policies @ UK Landlord, it will help you a tremendous amount. A good option here would be to quickly use the quote system and let most UK insurers compete for your money so you can take advantage.  

Find the best prices for landlords insurance for non-payment of rent, click now.

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