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What Does a Landlord Insurance Policy Cover?

When one invests in property as a way of sustainable income, by renting out flats and houses to working class citizens, students and housing benefit, endorsed tenants, you become a landlord.

As a landlord, you need to protect your investments with landlords insurance by insuring your property from fire, flood damage and subsidence. If you rent a furnished property, you also need to cover furniture, fixtures and fittings, accidental damage and theft by tenants.

You also need to cover the rent if a property becomes uninhabitable, due to fire and water damage. The only way to protect your business would be to buy a landlord home insurance policy.

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Landlord Buildings Insurance Explained

Landlord buildings insurance

When you invest in bricks and mortar, it is a wise move to take out landlord buildings insurance, which will protect the building against fire and flooding damage, in the event of a natural disaster, taking place.

The policy will pay for your building to be totally rebuilt, if a fire takes place at the property or if it gets swept away, due to a flooding disaster. Please tell the insurance company the exact cost of the rebuild, because if you don’t, you may not get the full amount to cover the cost.

Take a closer look at buildings insurance for landlords.

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Landlord Contents Insurance

Landlords contents insurance

When you invest in property and plan on renting it out for monthly rental income, you may consider furnishing the property with a sofa, new carpets, a microwave and white goods, such as a fridge freezer, a washing machine and maybe some fancy woodwork.

If you do, this will cost you money, but there is a way to protect that investment if you take out landlord contents insurance, this will cover your contents, which will include furniture, fixtures and fittings, and also theft of property.

Some policies extend up to £75,000 and higher, if you have high-value contents. Find a policy here when you use our 40 second form to compare landlord insurance costs for your business.

Find out more about contents insurance for landlords.

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Landlord Liability Insurance

Do you need landlord liability insurance?

If you’re a landlord, you have a business, and businesses need assurance against the public. If for any reason the tenant or a visitor to the property injures himself or herself, you could get the blame for it, what do you do?

Your landlord liability insurance involves public and employee liability cover, which should be included into to your policy. Public liability will cover the tenant or the visitor from injury, such a simple thing, like the tiles at the front door being loose and someone gets hurt, they could make a claim against you.

Don’t be caught out with this, get this cover included in your policy when you compare landlord insurance policies in a few minutes from now.

Find out why you need liability insurance for landlords.

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Rent Guarantee Insurance or Alternative Accommodation Cover Landlords Insurance?

Loss of rent or alternative accommodation cover

When you have loss of rent insurance included in your policy, your rent will be covered if the property is fire damaged or a major flood hits your area. While the repair work is going ahead, the policy will pay, all, or a percentage of the mortgage on the property, so you can keep the repayments up.

The perfect buy to let insurance solution for many landlords.

Get more information about loss or rent cover.

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Buy to Let Insurance

Buy to Let InsuranceBuy to Let Insurance

When you own and operate a buy to let property business, you must insure your tenants are fully protected with a policy that covers every essential, legal requirement this business entails.

Your buy-to-let insurance policy is a compressive insurance policy, which can include all of the above policy types, as your business can have a high liability as a buy-to-let landlord.

Find out more about buy to let insurance for mortgage holders landlords.

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Emergency Assistance Insurance

Emergency Assistance Insurance

When you have an emergency like a water leak or a faulty boiler, what do you do about it, pay for a plumber, phone a friend or try and fix it yourself?

Lucky for you, you can take on emergency assistance insurance, which looks after your property when your tenant has an emergency at home. The best benefit about this policy add-on is that you don’t need to do anything as the landlord. You can leave a number with the tenant and the landlord house insurance company will talk to them and send someone to fix the problem.

There is no need for your input after the policy is setup.

Get more information about emergency assistance landlord insurance.

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