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We know it's a pain filling forms out, but after that's done, expect professional assistance from experts who can help you.

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ℹ️ Do landlords need insurance?


Landlords insurance is not required by law in the UK but in most cases after everything coincided, a policy is a must. A good policy protects your asserts from every angle, including building damage to bespoke insurance polices for larger landlords out there.

A policy can mean total protection from total losses, while looking after your tenant if anything goes pear-shape. 

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Buildings, contents, rent guarantee, damage cover, you name it when you compare landlord insurance quotes with experts.

ℹ️ How does UKLI work?

EASY landlord quote FORM

The key to the power of this quote tool is the network of landlord insurers behind it. Working with only specialized insures who have 20 years+ in the industry who help with policies for landlords every day.

If you would like to see how it works start by telling us details like the value of the property and things like the location within the UK. 

To compare landlord insurance the easy and straightforward way, click here.

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ℹ️ What a policy looks like?

Get a policy here

The panel of insurers you are going to meet can provide everything a landlord would need to run a letting business.

A typical policy looks something like this.

You don't might not need everything listed above you, that why it's better to talk to someone over the telephone so no mistakes are made.

Before you learn more about landlord insurance and all its glory you might want to know what to expect with a policy. You can also find a great landlords policy also (as well as other types of insurance).

ℹ️ Take advantage of great insurers

The best way to get prices and get help other the phone would be to compare landlord insurance today. Forms are a pain, but when you use it, you'll never need to hunt for landlords insurance again.

You'll get help from specialist insurers, and with expert help, you can expect your policy done and dusted that day if all the information is there for them to offer you a price.

You can also check out or more specific pages as they have some handy information about landlord insurance in general. Here they are, starting with portfolio landlord insurance.

ℹ️ Help on the phone


We get you results, and all you have to do is start telling us about your properties and press the "Get Quotes" button.

The companies will grab your details and give you a phone to go other your policy.

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ℹ️ What insurers are here?

Now we're going to sell our self a bit here, but just for fun. We work with top and affordable landlord insurers all over the UK like CIA Insurance Services Limited and others such as Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Find the perfect policy for tenant or property.

Our landlord insurers

ℹ️ Do you have multiple properties?

Compare landlord insurance for mulitple proerties.

Compare landlord insurance for multiple properties? You might want to consider a block policy that covers all your properties under one roof, and you could save a tonne at renewal times.

Keep this in mind when looking at landlord insurance for multiple properties or portfolio landlord insurance, think block policy as keeps things all together, and it's more straightforward, and it could save you a few pounds every year.

And with some insurers, you can manage your policy online, over the phone and by email and you'll always get a quick when you contact them.

Multi-property quote

Working with specialized landlord insures who can help you straight after your quote. Then choose from a range of cover to protect your buildings and contents and business liabilities.

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