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Compare Landlord Insurance Quotes and Save Time and Money
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What landlords insurance covers
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Welcome to the website where UK landlords can compare landlord insurance quotes from multiple brokers and insurers under one roof, including contents and buildings insurance for buy-to-let landlords with multiple properties and landlords with single properties.

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  • Our website works with QuoteSearcher who deal with UK based landlord insurance specialists and can provide competitive quotations on your insurance.

  • The system is free to use and get quotes from, and all information you fill in on the online forms are 100% secure.

  • Find quotes you can't find anywhere else with QuoteSearcher.

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  • We have been helping landlords find great cover since 2004, so if you’re here to save a bit of money and find the right policy for your let properties, we can help.
  • We help hundreds of UK landlords every month and we can help you too.

Learn more about about what’s covered.

Insurance for Your Letting Business

When you operate a letting business, there are many assets you need to think about and protect with the right property insurance. 

So what's included in a landlord insurance policy?

Let's have a look.

You can add any or all of the below cover, or you may be advised that you only need a certain amount of protection, including comprehensive landlord insurance.

  • Landlord Buildings Insurance
  • Landlord Contents Insurance
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance
  • Landlord Liability Insurance
  • Emergency Assistance Insurance

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Landlord Buildings Insurance

Just like landlord contents insurance, you can opt for landlord buildings insurance only. This cover will adequately protect your building in the event of fire, flooding, subsidence damage and many other forms of accidental and malicious damage.

A lot of landlords make sure they have landlord the buildings insurance in place before any other type of insurance because they think this is the essential business asset they can buy.

If you are a buy to let landlord, your mortgage or loan company may insist on you having buildings insurance in place before they are any mortgage application made by you.

Now we have contents and buildings insurance for landlords covered, let's have a look at the liability side of things, which protects you from tenants and the public.

Take a closer look at buildings insurance for landlords.

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Landlord Contents Insurance

Landlord Contents Insurance

If you are renting tenant and provide the fixtures and fittings, furniture, white goods, carpets, sofas or beds, and you bought them yourself, you may want to protect them with contents insurance.

You can add contents cover within your landlord insurance policy, you can add it by itself, (contents only cover) or you may wish to add buildings insurance along with this type of insurance, so you are protected in every possible scenario.

Now, let's have a look at buildings insurance for landlords.

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Buy to Let Insurance

If you are specifically looking for buy-to-let insurance, you're in the right place because you have access to the network of experts that can help you.

  • Protect your mortgage payments if your property becomes unoccupied
  • Keep your mortgage provider happy knowing you have protection in place
  • Run your business understanding the risks are covered

Find out more about buy-to-let insurance on this page, here.

Landlord Liability Insurance

Landlord Liability Insurance

All good landlord insurance policies should have a landlord liability insurance as standard, as you may have some legal bills throughout your landlord journeys.

Courts and lawyer fees can amount so fast that you may not be able to pay this yourself, therefore if you make sure you have landlord liability cover, then you should have nothing to worry about because the insurance company will pay for these fees and other bills accumulated by either evicting tenants or an array of other nuisance goings-on that landlords come across from time to time.

Find out why you need liability insurance for landlords.

Find out why you need liability insurance for landlords.

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Rent Guarantee Insurance

This particular policy is aimed at buy to let insurance holders because this policy is tailored and will pay out if your property becomes uninhabitable, due to fire, flooding or any other acts of God.

To find out more about loss of rent insurance, please click here.

Click here for the UK's cheapest landlord insurance from £120 and buy online or pay monthly or annually.

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Emergency Assistance Insurance

Emergency insurance covers emergencies such as break-ins, broken glass and back and front door emergency repairs. Whatever the crisis, your insurance company will make sure that your property is secured by professional tradesmen no matter what time of day it is.

EAI is a great policy and peace of mind as a business owner, but there is a cost to that and a higher cost if you have to keep paying for such repairs to your rental properties.

If you need such cover, you can ask for this when you're getting a quote, or when the insurance advisers call you back after you fill in the quote form.

Get more information about emergency assistance insurance.

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Find a Policy Now Landlords?

By using quote system, we can help you organise a policy from the right company who knows your business inside out. You can compare price, the policy itself and companies with one simple, free service.

And remember, that you should also compare insurance quotes every single year on our website, so please bookmark us and remember us for next year, because you'll be glad you did.

The Benefits of Using Comparison Tools

  • It's absolutely free to use for any UK landlord
  • Cover your property in the UK or abroad
  • The perfect solution for buy to let landlords
  • Compare contents and buildings insurance and landlord add-ons

We do think that this service is the only one you ever need, so the only thing you need to do now is, just do your part and tell the quote form about your business.

You can ensure up to 5 properties using this system if you have more than five properties, then all you have to do is fill in the first five, then one of the experts will assist you in insuring the rest.

Click here for the UK's cheapest landlord insurance from £120 and buy online or pay monthly or annually.

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